Teapot is a radio show that Téa and her friend Parker started this past November at school. On the shows they have a fun time sharing music that they love. Each show has a topic or mood that they like to create the set lists around. Téa and Parker play through WMEB 91.9FM in Orono Maine on Mondays from 3-5PM, but you can tune in wherever you are though the app Tune In! 

Looking for our playlists? You can find them on Spotify under the name of WMEB. Each playlist has a description of the topic or mood we aimed to play!

Trying to figure out what song we just played? By clicking on the icon you will be brought to a website called Spinatron where we list all the songs we play in order as the show runs!

Tune into 91.9 FM with the app Tune In!